Artist Statement

I make art to feel alive. I access that vitality in the physicality of my creative process. To create, I must harness energy in my body as opposed to my mind. Consequently, an intimate relationship with my body is essential to my creative health. In the name of creativity, I am intensely committed to enhancing my body's strength and opening my body's flow of energy, especially because I have felt acutely fragile and tense in my body many times. My work embodies the feminine thematic dichotomies between strength and fragility and between tension and flow. 

My paintings fuel my fabric sculpture. I make gestural, expressive paintings in order to open my energy flow and empower my body. I paint passionately and quickly, usually on the floor instead of at the easel, many times with my bare hands and no brush. Paintings carry me out of the energy of a completed fabric piece into new birthing energy for the next sculpture. The two ways of working are intertwined, though not reciprocal: painting serves sculpture.

I create highly textural fabric sculpture. Physicality is significant to my creative process and my finished product. Each fabric sculpture has its own energetic body, or physical presence. The work is a visual conception of my body’s interior strength and energy materialized into its own physical body. The compositions call to mind the intricate lines of muscle fibers and the riverlike flow of energy inside the body.

To sculpt with fabric, I manipulate pieces of fabric into the desired form, pin them each into place to build the whole, and then stitch the fabric by hand to secure it. This meticulous work keeps me in the birthing of the piece for weeks. The process is aggressive and delicate, gestural and methodical, all at once. The sensuality of texture and line in the composition seduces me in every fold and feels much like painting with fabric.

I create with the energy in my body. This, to me, is pure humanness. I believe my work holds that energy in its physicality. I intend for the work to be the energetic joining place, or the centerpiece, for a human-to-human synergy. I intend for my work to invite the viewer to feel their own physicality, their own vitality in their body, and to connect with the energy held in the work. Shared energy through the aura of the artwork unites us as one energetic whole.